At Roach Vale Primary School, RE has a significant role in the development of our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  RE lessons will support pupils’ religious literacy.  Pupils will be able to make sense of the religions and worldwide views around them and begin to understand the complex world in which they live.   


Our curriculum enables pupils to become free-thinking individuals who can make academically informed judgements about matters of religion and beliefs which shape the global landscape.  We promote respect and open-mindedness towards others with different faiths and beliefs.   



  • To know about and understand a range of religious and non-religious worldviews by learning to see these through theological philosophical and human/social science lessons 
  • To express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact or religious and non-religious worldviews through a multi-disciplinary approach 
  • To gain and deploy skills rooted in theology, philosophy and the human/social science engaging critically with religious and non-religious worldviews