Roach Vale Primary School

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FSM Entitlement

If you think you may be entitled to Free School Meals, please check out the guidelines below:


Free school meals 

It is important for children to have a good, nutritious meal at lunch time. If you can’t afford school dinners you may be eligible for free school meals.
To be eligible you must be receiving one of the following:
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit (not Working Tax Credit), with an annual income of below £16,190
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Employment and Support Allowance, income related
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act, 1999
  • Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit, with an income of £7,400 or less

Children who get any of the above benefits in their own right (i.e. they get benefits payments directly, instead of through a parent or guardian) can also get free school meals.


You are not eligible if you receive any amount of Working Tax Credit.

If you feel you are entitled to Free School Meals, please complete your application HERE