Our school prides itself on its Core Values which we encourage at every opportunity – both in and out of the classroom.  These values are understood and shared by every member of the school community.  We want our children to leave school with these values and a love for learning.  Their love for learning is developed through our vocabulary-rich curriculum which is centred around engaging and inspiring books.  Within each lesson, children use their learning superpowers to be successful and make excellent progress. These superpowers and our core values will give our pupils the tools they need to fulfil their potential, while preparing them for their developing role in the community.


At Roach Vale Primary School, we are passionate about developing the whole child when supporting and nurturing young minds.


Curriculum Structure and Sequence

Roach Vale Primary School uses the National Curriculum as a foundation to provide an outline of the core knowledge to be taught to pupils. The school also uses progressional skill statements (from a School Pupil Tracking system called Target Tracker) to sequence, structure and incrementally build pupils skills in all subjects.

Teachers use the combined information to develop exciting and stimulating lessons. The key skills and knowledge in different subject areas progress as children journey through the school years. Teachers across the school know what they are teaching, when and why. They know how the curriculum unfolds and how our pupils might best learn it to prepare them for the next stage in their learning.


Breadth and Balance of the Curriculum

We work hard to provide our pupils with an inspiring breadth of experience to ensure they are engaged with their learning. Teachers plan carefully to include coverage and content for all curriculum subjects every term. We are creative and make meaningful links across subjects for our pupils. Subject Leaders work hard to champion their subjects and ensure that all subjects have status within the curriculum.

Where the curriculum lacks balance in any one subject, classes use specialist weeks to boost coverage e.g. science, art and technology weeks are popular. Teachers keep track of curriculum coverage using online Target Tracker tools.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their Learning Superpowers (Growth Mindset Skills) which help them to become confident, capable, creative lifelong learners. Our Learning Superpowers are:

• We celebrate our mistakes
• We give 100% effort
• We never give up
• We challenge ourselves


We want our pupils to be enthused at the beginning of a unit and motivated to learn, so we dedicate time to something special and different in order for learners to become excited by the forthcoming unit. These are called learning experiences.

The use of Computing across the curriculum enhances and extends learning, empowering pupils to use skills creatively in real contexts, such as producing PowerPoint documents related to thematic curricular work.

Forest schools aims to provide all children with opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in our purpose built forest schools area within the school grounds. Children participate in a range of activities including den building, rope swings, knife and wood skills, fire lighting and camp cooking. Children are taught to manage personal risks and often develop the confidence to work independently and with their peers. At Roach Vale all children participate in Forest Schools.


Effectiveness of our Curriculum

Our curriculum is a rich, varied and imaginative narrative; our pupils begin the story knowing relatively little and end up knowing a lot more.
We use regular half termly subject reviews and check-ups as an important part of the process, to ensure that the curriculum is retained in the memories of our pupils. We are still working on innovative ways to ensure that children retain essential knowledge – this is a work in progress.
Our curriculum increases pupil understanding about the world around them and prepares them to live in the 21st century. It helps pupils become effective citizens through an understanding of important historical events and ideas, exploring different points of view and promotes British Values.


Pupils Broader Development

Through our rich, varied curriculum, our Forest Schools Programme and our love of learning, we provide a stimulating, safe and fun environment where children learn about themselves and the world around them.
Social, moral, spiritual and cultural education (SMSC) is crucial to the development of all our children and is integrated into the curriculum from Early Years up to Year 6. Explicit opportunities to promote pupils’ SMSC are provided in religious education and the non-statutory framework for personal, social and health education (PSHE). A significant contribution is also made by the school ethos, effective relationships throughout the school, assemblies and other curriculum activities.
We promote British values throughout the curriculum and in assemblies. The School Council and the Eco Council introduce children to democracy with children voting on issues and being represented at meetings. Our Behaviour Policy ensures that children and supported in developing their understanding of right and wrong. They also learn about rules and the rule of law. Our PSHE work develops children’s ideas and understanding of citizenship. Each week every class has a PSHE session, allowing children the opportunity to express feelings, ideas, thoughts and concerns. Through this they learn respect and tolerance.

Contribution to pupils’ behaviour and welfare

To further improve the Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare of our children, we aim to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment and provide a curriculum which inspires learning, a zest for life and where all pupils are valued as individuals.