Welcome to Roach Vale Primary School. I hope you will find our website both interesting and informative and it will encourage you to come in and find out more about the Roach Vale community.

It is our fundamental belief that a school should reflect a sense of partnership, understanding and awareness that is shared by staff, governors, parents, the community and, of course, the children themselves. We hope we will have the opportunity to welcome you to share this process.

As a school we are committed to doing all we can to ensure our children enjoy and achieve during their time at Roach Vale Primary School and our curriculum:

  • is enhanced through visitors and trips to give our children experiences and widen their outlook on life
  • aims to deliver excellence in learning and teaching and expect all learners, children and adults, to be actively engaged in their own learning
  • uses our school grounds to enhance learning at every opportunity
  • is inclusive as we both support learners and encourage breadth and depth of learning, offering challenge and enjoyment
  • ensures progression, being closely monitored and tracked to ensure the opportunity of attainment
  • is cross curricular providing relevant links across subject areas but with clear, specific learning intentions and celebrates diversity 

Meet Flick our school dog who works with small groups of children, listens to children read and provides comfort and play for those who need it most. 

Children can benefit educationally and emotionally, increase their understanding of responsibility and develop empathy and nurturing skills through contact with a dog.

For some children, Flick will be a special friend, helping them to build self-esteem, relax and have fun. For others, time spent with a her will be a reward for excellent effort with a difficult challenge.

Children thrive in an environment in which they are happy, challenged and secure in the knowledge they are safe and cared for, challenged to achieve their best, and happy in the knowledge they are each appreciated for their individuality and their achievements.

At Roach Vale we believe in a partnership with parents and carers and we acknowledge we will only be able to achieve the very best for your child if we work together. We have an open door policy so any concerns can be quickly addressed.

If you choose Roach Vale Primary for your child/children we will look forward to welcoming you and them to our school community and, with your support, we will endeavour to provide a quality education in the all-important years that lie ahead.

Miss S Denyer