Maths is fun for everyone!!!


The 2014 National Curriculum for Maths aims to insure that all children:


  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Are able to reason mathematically
  • Can solve problems by applying their Mathematics


At Roach Vale, these skills are embedded within Maths lessons and developed consistently over time. We are committed to ensuring that children are able to recognise the importance of Maths in the wider world and that they are also able to use their mathematical skills and knowledge confidently in their lives in a range of different contexts. We want all children to enjoy Mathematics and to experience success in the subject, with the ability to reason mathematically. We are committed to developing children’s curiosity about the subject, as well as an appreciation of the beauty and power of Mathematics.

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 follows the White Rose scheme of learning which is based on the National Curriculum. The expectation is that the majority of pupils will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace. However, decisions about when to progress will always be based on the security of pupils’ understanding and their readiness to progress to the next stage.

We implement our approach through high quality teaching delivering appropriately challenging work for all individuals. To support us, we have a range of mathematical resources in classrooms including Numicon, Base10 and counters (concrete equipment). When children have grasped a concept using concrete equipment, images and diagrams are used (pictorial) prior to moving to abstract questions. Abstract maths relies on the children understanding a concept thoroughly and being able to use their knowledge and understanding to answer and solve maths without equipment or images. At the end of each year we aim for all children to have developed a secure long-term, deep and adaptable understanding of maths which they can apply in different contexts.


Mastering Number

Our Maths Curriculum is supported with the DfE accredited NCETM Mastering Number Project in EYFS and KS1. Each class, in Early Years and KS1, has a daily ‘Mastering Number’ session in addition to their main Maths lesson. The children will experience using a range of resources and representations, including rekenreks.

This project aims to secure firm foundations in the development of good number sense for all children from Reception through to Year 1 and Year 2. The aim over time is that children will leave KS1 and begin KS2 with fluency in calculation and a confidence and flexibility with number. Research shows that children with secure ‘number sense’ early on will make more progress later on in Maths and across the curriculum.