Before Christmas we had a huge donation of Advent calandars, Christmas books and games all kindly donated by the Roach Vale school staff and community.  The PTA sold tickets for our new 'Advent Calandar Raffle.'  Lots of our children purchased tickets and the event was a huge success raising £154.00 for the school.   We also had a scrumptious Christmas bake sale with an array of wonderful home baked delights on sale in our school hall on the last day of the Autumn term.  This was a huge success raising £132.00.  


On 1st April 2022 we had a bake sale after school.  This was a real success, and you can see from the picture what a mouth-watering display of sumptuous sweet treats there were on offer.  We had kind donations from many supporters – mums, dads, grandparents, children, staff and neighbours.  We raised an amazing £141.00.

Also in April we had chocolate galore as the PTA sold tickets for the annual Easter Raffle. The children had the chance to win a selection of chocolatey-goodness just in time for Easter! Lots of our children and staff brought tickets and we raised a whopping £384.80.   

To make the Easter raffle even more special we had a special visit from Mary Poppins who served up a spoonful of sugar and a bit of magic when she flew in to say hello.  Marry Poppins visited the school in her familiar costume arriving on a rickshaw to help to draw the Easter raffle.

Thank you for supporting Roach Vale PTA by buying tickets and cakes - it means we can continue to provide lots of lovely things to support the children's learning experience. 




Summer Fundraising Achievement 2019 - 2020