At Roach Vale Primary School, we have recently introduced an exciting new initiative called 3PR (3 Parking Rules).  This is to help tackle some of the parking problems outside of the school and to actively engage with the school community, including local residents.   Outside of Roach Vale Primary School we have created a 3PR Zone.  Drivers are advised not to park in the zone.  We have recruited 3PR Patrols (children at the school) to stand at the exits/entrances to the school and issue 3PR tokens to children who have walked, scooted or cycled into the zone.  The tokens will be collected by classes and the winning class will receive the 3PR Trophy as a reward each half term. 


The main aim is to influence parking behaviours so that the road immediately outside the school is clearer and safer for our pupils and all users. 


Children will be key in providing the support and promotion of this new scheme by taking part in some of 3PR’s exciting parking initiatives and learning activities.


Please be aware here is no parking available for parents on the school grounds.


Parents please note:

Parking on the yellow zigzag lines around the school entrance is against the law.

You are putting children’s lives in danger.

You are likely to receive a fine if spotted by a Parking Warden.

Please park with thought for others.