The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are trying to raise enough money to take the whole school to see the pantomime at the Mercury Theatre in December 2023.  This was a request from the School Council who are keen to visit a real theatre instead of having a visiting pantomime.  


A visit to the theatre can inspire children, help them understand the world around them, and encourage the next generation of performers. The School Association are delighted to work with the School Council to try and achieve this goal!


We are looking to raise £2k.  This is £10 per pupil!  We know this target is a large ask of the parent community but this will be a great experience for our children which they will remember for years to come.  


We would like to make all donators aware if we are fortunate enough to exceed our target any additional funds raised will be put towards our next fundraising campaign, thus helping the school with additional urgent requirements for the pupils.


Many thanks for your ongoing generous support.