• To ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential in music
  • To build a solid foundation of musical knowledge and skills
  • To ensure all pupils are able to experience music and to make progress
  • To develop an appreciation of a wide genre of music and different music from around the world
  • To ensure pupils have a musical repertoire by the time they leave Roach Vale Primary School
  • To challenge, be creative, collaborative, celebratory and make music together

Roach Vale Primary School uses the ‘Charanga’ music scheme.  This scheme offers a rich and varied musical framework that nurtures fundamental musical techniques alongside building musical knowledge.  It has a clear pathway towards mature musical understanding.  Charanga focuses on the four key areas of:

  • Singing
  • Listening and Appraising
  • Creating and Exploring
  • Performing

The Charanga materials are suitable for all pupils irrespective of their skills, background or additional needs.  It uses a variety of engaging online resources which link in with other areas of the curriculum enabling children to make connections with their learning.  Charanga activities are scaffolded so that all pupils can succeed and thrive in music.

Alongside their music lessons our pupils take part in singing assemblies each week which brings our school community together through the shared endeavour of whole-school singing.  This is also an opportunity for pupils to develop a love of listening to music as they listen to their friends and fellow pupils performing.